It is very important for both the designer and the customer. On this occasion, we are laying the foundation for all future development. Therefore it is essential to a good start.For the execution of an oriented project, it is important to gather as much information as possible: organizational, technical, commercial and so on. With the interview, we also capture the empathic guidelines that will allow the designer to create a project able to realize a relationship of understanding between the manager of the store and its customers. With the first meeting, are also born first impressions. Often these, determine the future course. Where possible, it will be good to make an accurate survey of the premises as well as a photographic survey.


The avant project is carried out to determine the guidelines that will be the reference for the realization of the project. Even in this case is worth what said above, it is necessary to start well. The detail and quality of the basic design will be determined by the needs of the specific case. To any situation will be given due weight and due care. For the realization of the project, WINGS, is equipped with CAD and BIM applications at the top of the market.

Progettazione con Autocad - Project with Autocad
Project with Autocad –


The photo rendering is used primarily to create a preview of the implementation, but also to have an input that allows us to perceive the emotional and sensual feeling if the one you are taking is the right way. Famously, the best is the enemy of the good. The photo rendering allows us to do things right without falling into the trap dream of the best. This provides us with the technology and we try to make the most of what it offers. Our company is equipped with 3D visualization applications at the top of the market.

Viewport 3ds Max - Viewport 3ds Max

Viewport 3ds Max

Rendering con 3ds Max - Rendering with 3ds Max
Rendering con 3ds Max – Rendering with 3ds Max


On the plan of the project, each group of elements that make up the furniture is identified by a reference number which will be shown in the description of the quote. It goes without saying that this method implies a clear unequivocal identification of the material in the future supply and allows the customer to get an overview of the design content that will be easy to read even for non-experts. Avant project, quote, planimetry and renders, will be used to identify the object of a possible supply contract.


Following the definition of a supply contract, we will go to the stage of final design built on several boards, each of which will bring back the dedicated design guidelines. Start together also supplies production and collaterally the various workers are put in motion for the realization of the project on time. This coordination is essential to ensure the proper execution of civil works related to the project.

Disegni esecutivi con Autocad

All the topics covered in this presentation is for the sole purpose of facilitating the understanding, by the reader, of all the steps that are followed for the implementation of a project and do not constitute in any way a commitment by WINGS sas.

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