The experience of essential

“When breathing arises from the bottom to the top, and then again, when bends from the top to the bottom, by means of these two turn points, you realize”.

Shiva, with this Sutra, conveys to Devi the Tantric essence of breathing s unity generated by the conjuction of two experiences connected by two turn points.

Thus, by the way, we can configure the unity applied to architecture: crossing over the barriers of the dualistic thought, that makes continuously floating the mind between two opposites against essentiality.

In this case essentiality is meant at the origin, i.e. the exhibition of the essence of the language that the architectonic unity uses to communicate to an extremely heterogeneous community.

The target is to force the mind to realize and not to intercept imaginary subliminal messages of persuasion.

Whenever the message has been realized, whatever it is, free from flawed dualistic concept, you will make the user aware of your essence, and therefore, of your proposal.”